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Proposal Builder assembles unlimited client sales materials, text, and graphics into a single, unified proposal through the use of toolbars, menus, or a Wizard driven process. Text intensive proposals benefit from the many word processing features in Proposal Builder, including spell check, track changes, page numbering, headers, and footers.

An input screen with an unlimited number of fields and options populates and formats the entire proposal. Deal specific data, text, graphics content, font, and formatting styles may be revised or updated repeatedly throughout the proposal and the proposal building process. Proposals may be printed and/or e-mailed.

Proposal Builder System Features

  • Client Branded
  • Scalable for expansion
  • Administrative interface
  • Usage utility - including access security, and tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Database integration
  • Complete feature set
  • Customized menus, toolbars and input screens
  • Save options including .doc, .pdf, and .html, to name a few
  • User Tools
  • Search and GoTo options
  • Styles library including fonts
  • Graphics library
  • Customized “Wizards” option
  • User Help
  • Content sensitive help
  • User forums where tips, questions, and suggestions may be posted and/or found
  • E-mail support
  • Telephone support


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