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Norse Technologies provides mid- to large-sized financial institutions with various document automation solutions. We also provide consulting services by helping financial institutions recognize opportunities for using technology to streamline their business processes. Finally, we provide complete training services for the use of solutions purchased from us.

Norse Technologies offers clients three solutions within its AutoDocs suite of products:


AutoDocs Desktop is designed to provide quick and easy assembly of our clients’ loan documents. AutoDocs’ intuitive user interface has users producing documents within minutes. Our solution delivers three primary goals for our clients: reduced risk, controlled costs, and an increase in efficiency. 

Reduced risk for the client results from the user not having to input transaction specific data into each document; rather, all information is collected in an InfoFile. The InfoFile, or data collection center, then populates the loan documents that the user selects. 

Controlled costs result from less time being spent entering loan transaction data into multiple documents. Since the data need only be entered once, much time is saved per each loan transaction.  

Increased efficiency results when data is collected only once saving users and supervisors the hassle of proofing each loan document; rather, a “Proof Sheet” is generated for the user which lists all of the information specific to that transaction. In addition, AutoDocs provides a consistent and professional image, stamped with each client’s corporate logo.

AutoDocs’ powerful logic component guarantees accuracy and consistency. AutoDocs enforces the business rules of each client throughout the loan process. AutoDocs’ dynamic user interface adapts to the specific features of any given loan leading to greater accuracy, improved efficiency, and reduced training costs. AutoDocs improves the lending efforts of our clients by ensuring that, while allowing for individual flexibility, negotiated language, repeat revision, and repeat customers, each transaction is consistent to the client’s policy.

Clients save time and money with every document produced. Recently a long term client upgraded AutoDocs and reported realizing a 50%-75% decrease in loan turnaround time, 40%+ increase in personal productivity of its personnel, and loan portfolio growth of 43% without the need to add additional staff. 

Combining our expertise in document automation and management with our client’s expertise in banking, clients’ personnel begin producing visually stunning loan documents quickly, easily, and efficiently. Our quick implementation equals a rapid ROI.


AutoDocs Professional goes one step beyond AutoDocs Desktop by incorporating a database feature into the product. The information collected in the database can then be interfaced with other loan processing systems to streamline the loan origination process. 


AutoDocs Enterprise is a comprehensive data management system that processes the data flow throughout the entire loan process. AutoDocs Enterprise takes many of the concepts of AutoDocs Desktop, such as eliminating duplicate data entry, to a broader scope that encompasses the entire loan process. Data is entered into the system only once, and AutoDocs Enterprise ensures that this data is made available to all components of the loan process as needed. Loan processors do not have to re-enter information that was previously entered during the loan application process. A single point of entry for the data means that it only needs to be reviewed once.

A powerful database at the core of AutoDocs Enterprise enables a rich audit trail of all interactions with the system throughout the entire process. Every element of data is tracked, providing a history that includes answers to the questions “who”, “what”, “when”, and “why” data was entered, modified, or deleted.

In addition to the auditing features, AutoDocs Enterprise leverages the database to provide a great deal of information about the entire loan process that has previously not been available in such detail in the past. Metrics are produced that can assist management in identifying potential bottlenecks throughout the loan process. For example, statistics can be generated that show the average turnaround time for documenting loans. Taken a step further, the view of that statistical information can be relative to a particular documentation processor, loan officer, or even a specific client.

Real-time feedback regarding the loan process is made available through the client’s intranet or even the internet, if desired. Role-based security enables the system to provide information on a “need to know” basis to all of the players involved. Loan officers can see the status of the loans for which they have sold and can take appropriate action to speed the process along. For example, if the loan documentation is held up due to additional information being required from the client, the loan officer can see this status online in real-time, contact the borrower, and request the additional information all without interrupting the documentation processor.

AutoDocs System Features

  • Client Branded
  • Scalable for expansion
  • Usage utility - including access security, and tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Database integration
  • Automated standard procedures
  • Automatic document naming and file save
  • Automatic headers and footers
  • Automatic page and paragraph numbering
  • Automatic page and paragraph cross-references
  • Automatic optional provisions
  • Complete feature set
  • Customized menus, toolbars, and input screens with context sensitive lists
  • User tools:
  • Spell-check
  • Track Changes
  • Search and GoTo
  • Draft watermark
  • Print, print preview, remote print and e-mail
  • User Help
  • Content sensitive help
  • User forums where tips, questions, and suggestions may be posted and/or found
  • E-mail support
  • Telephone support
  • Document review tools
  • Automated compare to master document
  • Automated highlight of loan specific data within documents
  • Screen review or print review


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